Realtors and Taxes

I have asked many Realtors what comes to mind when I mention the letters IRS.  The answers I received were as follows:  Anger, disgust, scared, audit, tax, money owed, debt, confusion and distrust.

These answers were exactly what I expected.  After all,  Realtors in general have some of the highest audit rates of any profession.  Why is this you ask?  That’s a great questions.  The answer is for one main reason, Realtors are self employed.  A self employed professional has much more tax exposure and record keeping requirements than that of a w-2 employee.  That being said, with greater exposure comes greater flexibility.

One of the biggest benefits a Realtor has is the ability to implement a sound tax planning and record keeping strategy.  Just by implementing a sound strategy a Realtor can save themselves THOUSANDS of dollars in taxes and avoid an audit nightmare.

A sound strategy is NOT just about maximizing tax deductions, that is just a small piece in an otherwise very large plan.  In order to truly take advantage of many of the legal tax savings strategies, the implementation of the entire strategy must be done correctly.

My team and I have helped many Realtors implement our Realtor tax planning strategy and we will be happy to help any Realtor who is ready to take the steps necessary to reduce their overall tax burden and decrease their audit exposure.  Call David Byck, EA CTRS at any time at 561-350-9278 or e-mail at

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