What to Expect From Us

We have been successful for two main reasons, relationships and trust.  We will treat you just as how we would want to be treated.  Trusting your accountant is imperative and without trust there is no relationship.  That being said, we know relationships are not just transnational so we want to make sure that you know, once you become our client we are not just here to help you with your taxes and accounting, we want to be your resource.

What exactly does this mean?  It means the following:

1- Contact us and we will always get back to you promptly

2- Your information is private and never shared with anyone

3- If your clients have a tax question in regards to purchasing or selling a property, call us we are here to help!

4- We will not only do the accounting and tax work you need, we want to make sure you UNDERSTAND the strategy we implement and how it helps you.

5- Our goal is to make taxes as painless and seamless as possible so you do not have to worry about it.  We will stay on top of everything and remind you when deadlines are approaching and request the info we need from you.

6- We are flexible, we know your business is not like others, income comes only when you close so we will customize your tax payments based upon your needs.  This means we are very interactive with you.

7- No question is a stupid question, we may not be great at selling real estate, but we know the accounting and tax business very well and are happy to answer any questions you have.

In summation we want to be part of your team, in the background helping you become successful.