Our Focus is Realtors

Why we focus on Realtors.

As a former Realtor, I understand the complexities you face when dealing with income taxes.  The following are the main reasons why we have chosen to focus on helping real estate professionals with tax planning, filing and preparation.

We specialize in working with self employed professionals– As it relates to income taxes, being  self employed can be a blessing or a curse.  As a 1099 contractor (self employed), you have the ability to take advantage of many tax planning strategies.  These strategies could equate to THOUSANDS in dollars in savings.  However, not planning accordingly and not structuring your business correctly will often lead to significantly higher income tax bills.  We are extremely proficient at helping self employed professionals incorporate the best tax strategies and in reducing their taxes due.

We make record keeping easy– Good record keeping is crucial to the financial success of a self employed professional.  We provide the tools needed to make this easy, and seamless so you can focus on your business in real estate.  Without a good record keeping system, many Realtors find themselves facing financial hardships when they have to file their taxes.  We will show you how to avoid these problems.  The first place to start is keeping an income and expense log.

High rate of audit– Realtors unfortunately have a higher rate of audit that most other professions.  This is mainly due to the fact that they often file a schedule C and many do not pay estimated taxes.  We are proficient on reducing risk of audit and in the unlikely event of an audit we have an excellent track record of representing our clients in front of the IRS.

Tax Problem Resolution– We have helped many Realtors and other professionals who have or had existing problems in owing money to the IRS.  We have successfully negotiated many of the following resolutions on behalf of our client’s:

– Installment Agreements (make monthly payments instead of lump sum tax payments based on whats affordable for you.

– Offer In Compromise (pay less than the full balance due)

– Penalty Abatement (reduce outstanding tax liabilities by reducing or eliminating costly IRS penalties charged)

– Many other resolution strategies.

In summation the main reason we chose to focus on Realtors is simple, we know we will be of significant value.  We will save you money and keep you out of trouble.

Lowering taxes and saving you money

As a Realtor you have the benefit of being your own boss and self employed.  With this benefit their are also several tax strategies you can incorporate to significantly lower the amount of taxes you will need to pay.  These strategies involved planning and implementation.  I will be happy to sit down with you and explain in detail how we can save you money.  In fact we can tell you by looking at your previous tax return approximately how much more money you will be able to keep in your pocket instead of giving it to Uncle Sam!