Our Turnkey Tax Solution

Accounting and taxes are a necessary part of all businesses.  That being said, they do not have to be difficult.  We have created a turnkey program for Realtors and real estate professionals.  This program will encompass all of the following:

1- Teaching and explaining to you our tax planning and tax saving strategies.

2- Implementing the plan strategy with you so that you can take full advantage of the benefits of being a self employed professional while reducing your overall IRS audit exposure.

3- Providing you with a secure cloud based portal for you to upload all important tax documents which is only accessible to you and us.

4- Providing an app that will track all of your mileage, this is extremely important for real estate professionals.

5- Providing you with a monthly easy to use log to track your total income and expenses. This will be of a great help in determining what tax you may owe and allow us to put a plan together to address it.

6- Preparing and filing all tax returns, business and personal in a timely fashion.

7- If need be, providing you quarterly with a suggested estimated payment amount that should be sent to cover tax debt, this amount will change each quarter based on your monthly log.

8- Incorporating additional tax savings strategies to avoid paying more then you absolutely need to.

9- Being accessible to answer any accounting and tax questions for both you or your clients.

In essence we are your accounting and tax planning concierge.  We are in your corner and will provide the white glove services you should have so you can focus on growing your business.

Please complete the form on this page to get started with our turnkey solution and start on the path of tax savings today.