Our Online Interactive Platform

Accounting, tax planning and preparation are only successful if the client and the accountant are able to work together successfully.  We believe taking advantage of technology definitely helps with this.  We have decided to implement Canopy Tax  software into our Realtor tax offering.  The program allows us to communicate with you in a direct, private and secure environment.

As a client of the Florida Tax Guy, you will have your a login and password to your platform.  Using the platform is simple, now in one place you will be able to simply snap a picture from your phone of receipts, checks, mileage logs, and anything else you want to share.  We will upload your tax returns, and all other important documents directly to your secure canopy file so you can access them at any time.

We have created a sample file on canopy and we invite you to explore it and play with it.  This will show you how easy it is to use and how valuable this program is in managing all of your accounting and tax work.

Please go to www.canopytax.com

Login with user id johndoesellshomes@gmail.com

password: johndoesellshomes

Of course this is just a sample, but we encourage you to see how the platform works and how valuable and easy it is to use.

When you are ready to establish your own private account, give us a call at 561-350-9278.